Foot Sweating Causes, Treatments and Myths (Infographic)

Foot odor is essentially caused by bacteria. Other factors, that often worsen the smell are poor hygiene, medical conditions, diet, skin problems, inappropriate footwear and emotional and physical stress.

Just like with sweating in general, fresh sweat doesn’t smell. Often people think that the sweat directly causes the foul odor. In fact it’s the sweat and in lesser degree skin flakes eaten by the bacteria on your skin and in socks and shoes that produce the smell.

While feasting on the sweat these micro-organisms produce isovaleric acid. Which is the direct cause of reeking of your stinky feet. Inhibit the bacteria and the amount of sweat and you will be able to prevent foot odor.

This infographic offers a great overview of the causes, treatments, myths and other noteworthy facts regarding (plantar) hyperhidrosis aka excessive (foot) sweating.


foot odor infographic

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