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Sole Socks, Now You Can Go Sockless Without Getting Stinky Feet

going sockless may look appealing but has its downsides

Do you love wearing shoes on a “mankle” style? Perhaps, one of your persistent problems is having smelly feet.

Mankle is a new or urban term used to describe the idea of wearing shoes without socks.

The sockless habit however is not so new. Many men pick up the practice from their dads. And they from their granddads. Or you may have been inspired by friends, movie stars, or magazines.

It’s fashionable and certainly comfortable. But not wearing socks can, and in many cases, will eventually result in smelly feet.

Trend causes increase in smelly feet

Pharmacies  have signaled an 11% increase in treatments for smelly and sweaty feet.

Especially a lot of male (the trend is especially popular among men) customers have been asking them about how to stop their bare feet in brogues, boat shoes, and loafers from smelling.

This confirms the idea that going sockless is the culprit of the rise of smelly feet.

The mankle practice doesn’t directly cause foot odor. But you can bet on it that after a while you will regret not having taken precautions. In some cases the foul odor is so severe, a biohazard seems peanuts in comparison.

The reason going sockless may cause foul odor

The feet produce sweat due to heat, extreme activity, or lack of air circulation inside the shoes.

Without the absorbing capacity of socks, sweat is instead absorbed by the soles and inner linings of shoes.

This will eventually promote the proliferation of bacteria and fungus that causes bad odor.

And because it’s a bacterial proliferation which can linger on your feet, the odor can be difficult to eliminate.

How to pull off the ‘no socks look’? (while keeping your feet from reeking)

There are several home remedies which could help you cure or manage smelly feet. These include;

  • regularly cleaning and disinfecting your feet,
  • more frequent washing and cleaning of your shoes,
  • and the use of foot powders that deodorizes and maintains dryness of your feet.

But isn’t it better to prevent smelly feet than curing it?

It sure is.

How to prevent your feet from stinking while wearing no socks at all

You can of course wear those super thin ankle socks that don’t go above the shoe line. They are also known as no show socks.

But if you have ever worn them you will know they are pretty uncomfortable, too tight, and are prone to slipping off during the day.

If you really don’t like wearing socks, consider using Sole Socks instead.

Sole Socks are custom insoles that absorbs moisture and odor from the feet.

The Sole Socks Solution

Sole socks prevent smelly feet when going sockless
the simple sock alternative

Sole socks are specially designed insoles which can substitute the functions of ordinary socks.

They were designed to absorb sweat, prevent feet odor, and keep them more comfortable through improved air circulation.

How do Sole Socks work?

The secret of preventing feet odor lies on the insoles’ built and design. The top layer is the soft and absorbent part made out of cotton and terry cloth, a fabric proven to help absorb moisture and odor.

The bottom part is made out of silicone rubber which features grooves for better grip and stability when the insoles are used.

And together with the grooves, there are also holes which promote breathability and air circulation.

Watch this short video to learn about the benefits of wearing Sole Socks.


Here are some of the beneficial features of Sole Socks:

  • These insoles prevent odor build-up. Aside from absorbing moisture from sweat, these insoles are also capable of eliminating odor; hence, you could always wear the mankle style any time you want.
  • Enhanced comfort. Sole socks add more comfort by ensuring cool and dry feet, better cushioning effect, and the surface is also finer and softer than ordinary insoles.
  • Ease in cleaning. With constant washing and cleaning, the cotton and rubber parts of common insoles usually disintegrate. Sole socks on the other hand are tightly stitched to stay in tacked. They are not sensitive to the manner of cleaning. They can be tossed in the washer together with your other clothes whenever you’re doing the laundry.
  • Convenience of use. These insoles are very convenient to use. When you need to bring them on a trip, you can just insert them in your extra pair of shoes. This is contrary to socks which you need to prepare and pack along with your clothes.
  • Better feet health. Another benefit of eliminating moisture and odor when wearing shoes is the prevention of feet diseases like altheles feet and irritation.
  • Various sizes. Soles socks may not only be used by teens and adults, the makers of these sock replacements are also producing smaller sizes for children. They have also adapted to the US, Europe, UK, and Asian sizes.


For more info check out the recent Sole Socks Kickstarter funding campaign which has been an overwhelming succces.

Or order your Sole Socks at the official website. A pair will set you back $12 or $4,50 for toddlers and children.