Top 4 Best Shoe Sanitizer & Deodorizer Devices

Shoe sanitizer devices do more than just remove stink from shoes.  They help you finally get rid of that tenacious Athlete’s foot.

They are must-haves for diabetes sufferers too, who are prone to nail and foot fungus, infections and ulcers.

These devices also prevent you from making the mistake of focusing on foot treatment only. Contaminated shoes and socks commonly are neglected, allowing them to be safe havens for the nasty microbial foes that cause all kinds of problems.

From excessive sweating to skin conditions, to stinky feet, these devices help you tackle the problem at its core. They work without leaving chemical behind. No fumes in the room, no need to air out footwear afterwards.

Here are the most popular, bestselling choices, their benefits, and how they work.


1. StinkBoss

new: shoe dryer and ozone sanitizer
new: shoe dryer and ozone sanitizer

Do your shoes and feet have nasty bacteria buildup causing your shoes to stink? You should be using the StinkBOSS Shoe Deodorizer, Ozone Sanitizer and Dryer.

This dual-method cleaning machine uses ozone particles to break down the cell walls to kill odor-causing bacteria. In addition it dries shoes and boots by generating moderate heat.

Because bacteria can’t build up immunity against oxidation, this technology will remain effective indefinitely.

Anyone who’s active in sports knows how sweaty and smelly athletic gear can get. Rather than masking smells, the StinkBOSS completely eliminates them.

Simply place your shoes on the shoe horns inside the machine, close the lid, set the time, and press start.

It sanitizes gloves and hats as well. As well as sports gear such as pads, boxing gloves, groin protectors, shin guards and more. Dries your snowy wet gloves too.

The StinkBOSS can easily be plugged into any electrical outlet and uses only safe levels of ozone for cleaning. Not only is it effective and easy to use, it saves you time and money you’d otherwise spend on washing gear in the washing machine.

On top of that, much gear and shoes require tedious hand washing, not anymore with this innovative device.

StinkBOSS benefits:

  • uses proven effective and perfectly safe to use ozone
  • multifunctional: it’s a shoe dryer
  • sanitizes sports gear as well


Purchase StinkBOSS here.


2. UV Total Recovery

"uses UV-C light enhanced with ozone"
“uses UV-C light enhanced with ozone”

Anyone suffering from foot fungus or a toenail infection (Onychomycosis) knows that the spores, microbes, and fungus causing the problem must be eliminated in order to get rid of it.

The UV Total Recovery Shoe Sanitizer makes this possible with the help of UV-C rays. UV-C rays are the weaker version of ultraviolet rays, toned down for use as a sterilizer.

Unlike ozone deodorizers, these UV-C rays don’t attack bacteria cells from the outside. Rather, they use a reaction between the microbe’s molecules to kill them from the inside.

According to the manufacturer this device  “uses UV-C light enhanced with Ozone” but doesn’t really delve into how this works. For instance how the ozone is distributed and how it’s ensured to be contained for safety remains unclear.

UV-C rays are 99.9999% effective in the killing of fung that cause foot and toenail infections and bacteria that cause foot odor by excreting so called organic acids.

Although direct eye contact should not be made with the UV light rays, the shoe sanitizer is completely safe to use. The UV lamp needs to be replaced once in a while.

This one size fits all shoe sanitizer should be used daily by inserting the right/left lights into the appropriate shoes and then placing the shoes in the UV protective bag. Press the on/off switch, and wait for the cycle to finish. It’s that easy.

Available here. Price: $130


3. SteriShoe

treats the whole shoe
treats the whole shoe

If only everything was as easy as zapping our problems away! Fortunately, the SteriShoe Shoe Sanitizer at least takes care of stinky foot odor. Well, partially that is.

UV rays blast away odor-causing bacteria that remains in our shoes, even after we’ve washed or sprayed them. UV rays are said to kill 99.9999% of bacteria.

The SteriShoe wipes away bacteria heel to toe, never missing a square inch. Buyers immediately noticed a difference after using the SteriShoe just once.

To use the device, place the pair of units into your shoes and cover with the protective black bag with the cord plugged into an outlet.

Make sure to use it in a darkened room; the device has a safety switch that shuts it off when ambient light hits it, making sure you don’t expose your eyes to the UV rays.

It takes just 15 minutes to sterilize your loafers, pumps, sneakers, boots and what not.

Keep in mind that it’s not great for portable use due to its weight. You may toss it in the trunk of your car but stuffing it in your backpack will weigh you down (a dry pair of hiking boots weighs less).

Buy Sterishoe here.


4. ShoeZap

fits all sizes
fits all sizes

Have you ever had Athlete’s foot or another type of skin infection that kept coming back no matter how many times you treated it?

Your fungal medicine might not be the problem. Yeast, mold and dermatophyte fungus tend to cling to the insides of our shoes, so it’s important to eliminate all bacteria left behind.

The ShoeZap Shoe Sanitizer zaps these microscopic buggers where they live using UV rays. All you have to do is slip the pair of PediFix ShoeZap devices into your shoes, place the protective bag over them, and flip the switch.

Odor-causing bacteria, as well as fungus that causes infections in your foot, will be eliminated by the clinically proven germicidal light.

You will still have to treat the tinea pedis a.k.a. ‘ringworm of the foot’ infection but by sanitizing your footwear you will help prevent it from coming back.

15 minutes is all you have to wait to experience total clean and relief from itchy, bacteria-ridden feet. Oh, and don’t forget to wear slippers in public showers, pools, and saunas.

Order here.


More shoe sanitizers:

Other, less popular options, include the:

  • Delicol Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer Dryer
  • BATTOP Ultraviolet (UV) Shoe Sanitizer
  • Kendal UV Shoe Sanitizer Deodorizer with heating


Shoe sanitizer gadgets vs. sprays

Yes, spray bottles can do roughly do the same as some of these gadgets but application requires a bit more effort and you’ll face repeating costs of replacement bottles.

These devices may also be more efficient. But why choose? Many people use these devices in conjunction with a quality shoe spray.

And of course machines like the StinkBOSS also dry your footwear


Additional shoe sanitation tips

These devices can be an essential part of a clinical regimen to fight off fungal issues or persistent foot odor. They do so by disinfecting and sanitizing footwear.


Use them in combination with other elements in a multi-modal approach. These include;

  • using anti-fungal creams and powders,
  • keeping shoes and socks dry because fungi thrive in moist warm areas,
  • prevent sweating as much as possible,
  • and take good care of minor nail or skin injuries.
  • prevent re-infection after toenail fungus treatment from the microbes in your shoes with proper shoe sterilization.


Other proper foot care practices include:



Note :

This top 4 is based on overall popularity, amount of ratings and average rating score.

The top 4 is not in particular order although I recommend the StinkBOSS due to its versatilty and multfunctionality.


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